Meet the Candidates


Eric Christensen--President Elect

I am currently seeking the position of President Elect in 2020 and as required for the nominations process, I am writing in order to provide a summary of my qualifications and relevant experience.  I have been active as a member of COENA since 2002. I served as the Denver Mountain View Chapter Treasurer in 2003-2004, and from 2005-2010, I served on our Board of Directors. This included 3 years as President. In addition, I have served as the State Trauma Chair since 2012, and have been the Pediatric Committee chair since 2015. I am also the current chair of the Bylaws Resolution Committee.  In addition to my local and state contributions, I have also been active nationally. I served on the National Resolutions Committee from 2012-2018. During this time, I served for 2 years as the Chair of the committee.  I have been a delegate for the state of Colorado in almost every General Assembly since 2002. I have co-authored 2 successful resolutions and I have co-authored a bylaws amendment. I have also been a content reviewer for both the TNCC 7th edition and ENPC 5th edition provider manuals, and recently I have authored exam questions for the latest versions of both courses.  I believe that COENA has grown significantly over the last few years and I would like to contribute to that momentum. I have demonstrated commitment to our organization from the local to national level. I believe that these activities as well as running my own successful business will easily characterize me as a worthy candidate.  I am looking forward to running again for office.  


Kory Scheideman--Treasurer Elect

My name is Kory Scheideman, and I seeking election into the Treasurer Elect position for the Colorado ENA.  I have over 25 years of Emergency Medicine experience, with the last 12 years working as an Emergency Department nurse.  I am currently the manager of a 12 bed Free Stand Emergency Department in Fort Collins, and I have been working in a leadership role for the last 5 years in my organization.  This last year I attended the General Assembly as a Delegate, and continued to work with the Colorado ENA as a delegate with the bylaw revision committee.  During this time, I have really got to know more of the Colorado ENA members and see how much an impact one person can make in our professional organization.  I meet all qualifications as an active member in the Colorado ENA, and Current registered nurse licensure.  As a manager, I am very familiar with managing, tracking and planning budgets on a daily basis.  As the healthcare industry continues to figure out how to do more with less, I have the knowledge and commitment to run a smooth account. Our current treasurer has done an amazing job already, and I plan to continue that excellent track record.  With this role I hope to continue to serve the Colorado ENA in the future as an active member for our community.  If I was to be elected into the Treasure Elect Position, I would work with our current Treasurer to ensure a smooth transition of the next year.  As with any great leader, I would immediately seek and foster the next generation member into the treasurer role with an integrated succession planning.  I would truly appreciate your vote for this position.   Thank you, Kory Scheideman ss offers? Say it here.